Developing a corporate flu vaccination programme for your business is the best way to manage a virus that is one of the most common health issues we face as a population. This is because flu is a highly contagious virus with significant health risks attached to it, and as an employer you have a basic duty to protect the health and safety of your employees.

A corporate flu vaccination programme can ensure that the virus is managed within your organisation, particularly over the winter months where the ‘flu season’ is at its height. But flu vaccination also carries the benefit of managing the transmission and effects of the flu virus amongst the wider population. Furthermore, if you book a flu vaccine programme now, you can deliver several benefits to your business also.

What does a flu vaccination do?

If you book a flu vaccination programme with FluClinic2You today, we can work with you to deliver an annual flu vaccination which protects your employees and all the people they come into contact with. Flu is an acute respiratory illness which can take up to ten days to recover from. Symptoms include coughing/sneezing, blocked and runny nose, fever and chills, aches and pains, severe fatigue.

However, if a vulnerable person (young, old or pregnant) or a person with underlying health issues (heart, chest, kidney, liver, stroke or diabetes) contracts flu, this can lead to significant complications and result in hospitalisation or in extreme cases, death. This is because flu can weaken the immune system and make vulnerable people more susceptible to secondary infections, such as pneumonia. A flu vaccination, therefore can:

  • Prevent people contracting flu
  • Reduce the severity and duration of the symptoms
  • Provide a quicker recovery from the symptoms
  • Reduce the chances of transmission
  • Reduce the chances of a person experiencing complications and more severe health issues

How does a corporate flu vaccination help a business?

Flu vaccinations are modified every year to include protection against new and current strains or mutations of the virus, so a flu vaccination programme is a proactive management system with multiple benefits for a business, over winter particularly, but also over an extended period. These include:

  • Reducing absenteeism and subsequently, therefore, reducing the costs of additional labour, lost productivity, ineffective working etc.
  • Increasing productivity – ensuring a fit, healthy and consistent workforce means work levels are more predictable and objectives and targets are more achievable.
  • Boosting morale – a healthy workforce is a happier workforce, and a flu vaccination programme makes employees feel valued and looked after. This in turn will make them more motivated and productive.
  • Good employers – while this is a secondary benefit, by introducing corporate flu vaccination programmes you are promoting the health and wellbeing of your workforce and this can be included in the benefits package for all positions, therefore helping to attract and maintain the best employees on the market. And because a flu vaccination will be available to all employees, it is a good way to promote fairness and inclusivity throughout the business.
  • Community/herd immunity – by ensuring a full vaccination of your workforce you are introducing herd immunity, which makes it harder for the flu virus to spread and increases the likelihood of some new strains and mutations dying out, which has benefits for the wider population outside of your business.

Contact FluClinic2You for the best corporate flu vaccination programme

At FluClinic2You we have developed our corporate flu vaccination programme using the expertise of specialist knowledge and experience from the pharmacy industry. And because we have resources carrying out mobile flu vaccination services and on-site flu vaccinations, we have built up a service which is easily adaptable to many different working environments and industry sectors.

Our flu vaccination personnel are friendly, knowledgeable and professional and our personable one-to-one service is detailed and beneficial to the employees, not just in protecting them from the risks carried by the flu virus, but in also ensuring they have a better understanding of the threats posed by flu and what implications they carry.

Book a flu vaccination for your business today and we can help to protect your workforce, and also provide a good foundation on which to make your business more productive, more competitive and, ultimately, more profitable.