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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a selection of frequently asked questions from our corporate clients and their workforce.

What benefits does the flu vaccination provide?2023-07-07T09:36:11+01:00

The flu vaccination will provide a number of benefits to your employees and your business, these include:

  • Reduces the chances of employees contracting flu
  • Reduces the severity and duration of the symptoms if an employee DOES contract flu
  • Reduces the chances of transmitting the virus to other people
  • Protects vulnerable people within your workforce
  • Provides herd immunity to stop the virus spreading
  • Alleviates the burden on the healthcare system
  • Reduces absenteeism and associated costs for the business
  • Improves morale and productivity
  • Promotes fairness and inclusivity

Improves the employee benefits package

How is the flu virus transmitted?2023-07-07T09:36:44+01:00

The flu virus infects the windpipe and lungs and is mainly transmitted as airborne droplets when a person sneezes. These droplets are picked up when breathing or when touching surfaces which have not recently been cleaned. The flu virus is more contagious than many other viruses.

Which of my employees could be classed as ‘vulnerable’ to contracting flu?2023-07-07T09:37:05+01:00

The main ‘vulnerable’ groups include the very young and very old age groups, which may not affect you as an employer, but they also include pregnant women, which does affect you as an employer. These vulnerable groups will have weaker immune systems and hence they are more susceptible to the flu virus. The flu virus itself also weakens the immune system so people are more exposed to secondary bacterial infections such as pneumonia. And people with conditions such as heart problems, chest complaints, kidney disease, liver disease, stroke recovery and diabetes can experience severe complications if they also contract flu, so they are classed as vulnerable too.

When is the best time to get vaccinated?2023-07-07T09:37:41+01:00

The flu season begins in September and can go on until March. Flu vaccinations are available from September each year. It is recommended to get vaccinated as early as possible, normally between September and November would be the best time to have your vaccination done. This is so that your workforce is fully protected before the virus is at the height of its transmission phase each year.

Is the flu vaccination the same every year?2023-07-07T09:38:05+01:00

No. The flu virus mutates all the time and new strains are detected. Experts are able to monitor and predict this and are able to develop vaccines to combat each new strain. Because the strains of the virus change each year, it is very important to get the flu vaccination each year. When you book for a flu vaccination with FluClinic2You we offer what is called a quadrivalent flu vaccine. This is a vaccine formulated to tackle four different strains of the virus, and this formulation is changed every year to combat the latest strains, so if you have an annual flu vaccination you are always protected from the latest strains of the virus that are active.

Will the flu vaccination service disrupt my business operations?2023-07-07T09:38:25+01:00

No. We are very careful to ensure that your everyday work patterns and operations are not disrupted by our vaccination programme. We work carefully with you to agree a schedule for how people are called from their jobs and positions to undertake the vaccine service, and while we encourage employees to ask questions and understand the virus, the vaccine and its benefits, we aim to minimise disruption by getting employees back to their duties in a timely fashion so that normal operations can continue. Throughout the day we can maintain continual contact and communications with you to ensure this happens, and we are also flexible to accommodate changes as we understand that unforeseen events do occur.

How many employees can be seen by each clinician?2023-07-07T09:38:51+01:00

Each clinician will be able to see a maximum of 80 clients in a full-day clinic. We can also run half-day clinics in which the clinician will be able to see a maximum of 40 clients.

Is there a minimum number of employees I can book for?2023-07-07T09:39:16+01:00

No. We understand how important the flu vaccine is and how your business needs to protect its employees, so we do not prejudice small business or businesses with only a small number of sign-ups and we have no minimum requirements for a booking. We can tailor our service to however many employees you have, from one to a maximum of 80.

Does FluClinic2You send out any promotional material to help advertise?2023-07-07T09:41:38+01:00

FluClinic2U will send out an email to employers which can then be passed on to staff with information regarding the flu vaccine to help increase uptake. On the day, promotional materials will be brought on-site alongside posters to help promote the service. In preparation for the flu vaccination you can also download our Flu Factsheet and our Service Brochure for further information.

How does the booking system work?2023-07-07T09:42:01+01:00

Before arriving on site a link to our booking website will be sent to employers which can be sent out via email to staff. Employees can book themselves through the online booking system and will receive reminders before their appointment.

What if someone hasn’t booked beforehand?2023-07-07T09:42:29+01:00

This is no problem. At FluClinic2You we understand the importance of having all employees vaccinated and protected, so we encourage walk-ins on the day. Therefore, even if an employee hasn’t pre-booked we advise employees to walk in and get a vaccination. We will always bring spare vaccinations to ensure that everyone at your organisation who wants a flu vaccine can be accommodated.

What type of businesses do you offer the flu vaccination to?2023-07-07T09:44:28+01:00

We work with a wide range of businesses and places of education and can administer the flu vaccination at any premises across the UK.

Examples of businesses where we administer the flu vaccine include:

Get in touch to book your corporate flu vaccination today.

If all vaccines are not used – do we still need to pay for them?2023-07-12T10:03:25+01:00

We know it can be tricky to predict exact numbers of flu vaccines before the day – so we will only charge for any used vaccines to make it as fair as possible.

Did you know?

Flu viruses undergo periodic changes and mutations, necessitating annual flu vaccinations.

Each year’s vaccine is specifically formulated to target the prevalent strains expected during that particular flu season, ensuring optimal protection.

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